Courses are easy to use.
Convenient, Learners Control,
On Demand 24/7,
Phones and Personal Devices
Where Everyone Is.
Their Free Time

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Menu Of Course Types

Training and Onboarding

Marketing Demonstrations

Education (not just schools)

Rules and Conduct

How To ~  Anything
Recipes, Directions, Manuals

Mini Courses for Sales

Explainers for New Staff

Terms of Service

Lead Funnels

A Lead Magnet

As Part of Surveys

The list goes on and on
but you get the idea!

Development Specialties In House

Database, Hosting

API, Calls, Survey Integrations


Python and Flask


HTML, CSS, Coding Checks


Hosting and Security

Page builders

LMS Course Builders

In todays world,
there are more and more
uses for a course format.

It's a way
to deliver content like
an app on a phone.

It's great for all
sized devices also.

ourse tech we do the work
fast works on all devices

We have mastered course building and all the technicalities.

This format  offers the highest
completion rate and best results.

It's easy, convenient,
on demand, on phones...
that is where everyone is.

beautiful on smart phones